Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fighting Toxins Head On

Do you ever feel helpless against every virus or bacteria that goes around at work or school?  With antibiotic resistance ever increasing, wouldn't you like to avoid another round of them, but often feel like you have no choice?  In our 30+ years in natural health, we have found that when toxins aren't cleaned out of the body quickly enough or at all, they can lead to more severe complications.  There are some great alternatives that zero in on the culprit (like a virus or chemical), creating an environment for cleaning it out of your system.  Having alternatives on hand though doesn't necessarily give you an instant fix.  It takes a working knowledge of an individual's health combined with an understanding of how the specific alternative works.  And we would like to share that working knowledge with you!

Join us June 1st for a FREE class discussing Toxic Invaders & the Importance of Fighting Them Head On.  All who attend will walk away with some great handouts on what to do when you experience various invaders!  Not only will there be some giveaways, but if you bring a friend, you will be entered TWICE!

Do you have kids or grandchildren that you care for?  Plan to participate in our first Online Herb Party focusing on Children's Remedies!  There will be lots of information, games and giveaways, not to mention a great way to prepare yourself for caring for children with gentle alternatives.

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