Saturday, May 3, 2014

IN.FORM & Transform Your Life

The Herb Garden proudly invites you to reshape your lifestyle, to burn fat, and be fit for life!  IN.FORM is beginning soon and you want to be a part of it!

IN.FORM is a new, breakthrough weight-management and healthy lifestyle program from Nature’s Sunshine.  Imagine a 13-week journey that features: 
• Health Education. Gain knowledge and life skills to achieve lasting health. 
• Social Support. Get an instant social network! Friends with similar goals    help you achieve success. 
• Weekly Accountability Sessions. Our unique BioTracker measures weight, body fat percentage, hydration levels, lean muscle mass, metabolic age, bone mass and more! 
• Personalized, Flexible Programs. Eat what you want, and we’ll customize a    Nature’s Sunshine products supplement program to meet your individual needs.    No pre-packaged meals!

The most exciting tool IN.FORM has to offer is the unique BioTracker.  Metabolic age, Hydration levels, bone mass - this is information for overall health, not just a weight-loss program! Would you like a free evaluation on this awesome asset?  Join us Monday, May 5th at our informational meeting, IN.FORM & Transform where you'll receive a free evaluation with the BioTracker, a free meal replacement smoothie, chances to receive free product and LOADS of information.  

We are so excited about this program and its long term effectiveness for healthy change! Give us a call at (405) 634-HERB for more information!