Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall Beginnings

Shades of orange, crisp air and the warmth of home - Fall is here! Though January 1st is the most popular beginning, October 1st is an even better time to start something new or give that project a better try. You know things can only get busier no matter what stage of life you are in. Around here we have much to look forward to (like trips to Hawaii), prepare for (business goals), and do better than we ever have before(time management, holidays), but we all know the value of having help. When you feel part of something, a group of people, just having support can mean the difference between success and failure. Dreams and plans are so easy to give up on when no one is around to care. Part of our goals here at The Herb Garden is to cultivate a community of people who can support each other in their efforts to find abundant health. While health is our business, health is our goal in life as well. Being a part of a community who shares a common goal is something we are looking for personally as well as professionally. There is still so much that we have yet to learn and know that much education is waiting to be had in the lives of each of you. Your experiences and knowledge most likely touches areas we have never been. The Discussion Room page of our website is still new and hasn't been used much, but we hope that is about to change. We encourage you to leave a comment or question, maybe even start a new topic. We are so convinced that having regular discussions can be of so much benefit to us all that we are holding a contest for the month of October. For every entry you make in our discussion room, you will be entered into a drawing for free products at the end of the month!! There is no limit to the number of times your name can be entered so chat away!
Whatever your involvement with us this month, we hope you find abundant health all October long!

What The Future Looks Like

As the world changes in season, circumstances and intention, so must we to achieve something beyond mere survival. Though financially and politically our free world is in a bit of a tornado, we are not without some power when it comes to decisions for our family's health. In the past here at The Herb Garden we have shared with you numerous ways to improve your health. The benefits of healthy eating, active lifestyles, and supplements has finally reached the masses and what we have been saying for years is now the popular thing to do. What does that mean for you? That means it is time to for all of us to help our family, friends and neighbors. There is nothing standing in the way of mentioning what healthy alternatives have done for you. Not only are we convinced that herbal remedies and healthy lifestyles can benefit everyone, but Nature's Sunshine is, without a doubt, the leader in quality, selection and honest business practices in the supplement industry. Have your browsed their product line lately? They are turning into a Wal-Mart for supplements because they have something for EVERYTHING. In the days ahead, we hope to provide our readers with more opportunities to increase their knowledge and equip them with easy ways to make America healthy!