Friday, June 1, 2012

Acid & Alkaline: How's Your pH?

Most people should eat 80% Alkaline (having a pH value greater than 7) foods and only 20% Acid (having a pH value less than 7) foods, but our modern American diet is dominated with mostly acidic options!  An acid pH is a real silent killer! Even though it may go undetected for years, an acid pH leads to the progression of most degenerative diseases, including cardiovascular disease.  As Dahloan Hembree says here:

"An acidic body can lead to all sorts of problems including, but not limited to: it can increase stomach upset, lead to a lack of proper absorption of food, increase the chances of kidney and gall stones, decrease the amount of oxygen the body uses, and can even lead to a worsening of preexisting arthritis symptoms. Some even theorize that having an acidic body can even lead to cancer or instigate anemia and the resulting fatigue."

The largest contributing factor to the acid/alkaline balance in your body is the food that you eat.  In addition to your diet, there are a few herbal remedies that can really help an acidic system.  Enzyme combinations like Food Enzymes and Proactazyme are essential for breaking down (especially high processed/acidic) foods into a usable form.  Marshmallow Root is great for digestion and stomach trouble because it has a great demulcent (soothing, anti-inflammatory) effect. And for the times when you just aren't able to get enough green, alkalizing foods in your diet, Liquid Chlorophyll and Ultimate GreenZone are wonderful substitutes. 

So, how are you measuring up this week?