Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cough, Cough, Go Away!

Do you have a cough that just won't go away?  Maybe you had a round or two of all the flu, cold and such-like that has plagued us this season but just can't seem to be rid of the junk?  There are some wonderful herbs and herbal combinations that are known to soothe and nourish the respiratory system to help get you completely well.

Mullein - This single herb provides lymphatic support that is often needed when getting ill and supports healthy ears and lungs.  From nursing mothers with mastitis to children holding on to a cough, this herb is so important and versatile to curtailing complications from seasonal illnesses.

Bronchial FormulaThe respiratory system regularly encounters airborne particles such as microorganisms, pollutants, pollen and dust, and protects delicate body tissues. As a result, the functions of the lungs and bronchi can be affected.  This Ayurvedic formula nourishes the lungs and bronchi and helps support the respiratory system. This formula, developed in concert with Indian Ayurvedic masters with herbs direct from India, provides nutrients necessary for respiratory health and function like reducing inflammation.  

CCA w/ Yerba Santa - This liquid combination is great for kids, but an important option for anyone battling respiratory illness.  Goldenseal, astragalus, sage and rose hips help boost the immune system. Mullein and yarrow provide respiratory system support. Capsicum provides circulatory system support. These things combined pack quite a punch toward beating the cough or cold that just won't leave.

Local Raw Honey is good for a lot of things, like allergies, but it is also helpful in calming down that cough that is keeping you up at night

With any kind of respiratory problem, it is very important to consider your diet.  Cutting out sugar, white flour and large amounts of dairy products is often necessary to reduce the production of mucous and inflammation.  Other things to consider might be infection or fungus build up of some kind.  Silver Shield, VS-C, Olive Leaf Extract and Yeast/Fungal Detox are all important to have on hand to help fight off bacteria, fungus or viral infections.

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