Monday, July 27, 2015

Make This Season of Life a Healthy One

Our busy lives are full of such complicated stories that our choices are rarely due to just one thing.  The health of your body is the compilation of events, choices and circumstances.  There is a theme, however, in those with general good health.  That health is a priority for them.  Yes, some inherit better DNA than others.  Yes, sometimes we are victims of accidents or events completely out of our control.  But wherever your beginning, a portion of health can be preserved by making healthy choices a priority.

In our American society, we are conditioned to think that our family has to have and do everything, but demand a healthy lifestyle.  None of us are promised tomorrow and yet so many are getting hundreds and thousands of tomorrows, but too many tomorrows are filled with chronic disease and pain that is hindering real living.  It's time to make your health a PRIORITY!

If you've wondered why joining an IN.FORM session would ever be right for you, consider this.

-Our culture is largely against healthy choices and going against the grain alone is hard.

-Going on a diet will NOT give you the long-term results you're after.  A lifestyle change is required and that involves time, a lot of restarts and support.

-The resources available to you, like herb education, the BioTracker, quality supplements, cleansing basics, and clean eating tips, are all in one spot!  And available to you for as long as you like!

The bottom line is that we believe in healthy living and its ability to change the quality of our lives.  Excess weight and subsequent health problems are ruining (and shortening) lives everywhere.  We know what it takes to turn the car of your life around and we want you to find that success!  Doing it together exponentially increases your chances of success too!

A new group is forming now with hopes of starting next month some time.  We would love for you to join us!  Even if you're just considering it, please get on our waiting list.  Questions? Give us a call! (405) 634-HERB

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